Grief is not only sadness - it also brings confused feelings of anger, frustration, or anxiety. 


Grieving can be a daunting and isolating journey. It's natural to wonder what 'normal' looks like and feel uncertain about what to expect. That's why we offer this journal as a trusted companion and guide, designed to support you along the way.

As you travel through the grieving process, this journal provides a safe space to let your questions, worries, and concerns out of your head, heart, and soul. Its pages offer a dose of sunlight to illuminate your thoughts and feelings during this difficult time.

Let this journal be your partner in understanding as you find solace and comfort through the grieving process.

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Meet Jenn Underwood!

Jennifer Underwood is a Gratitude and Abundance Coach, published author, licensed esthetician, New Home Sales Professional, and Mentor in a globally recognized Network Marketing company. She is a driven and passionate entrepreneur who loves helping others transform their lives, gain confidence, be courageous, strong, abundant, and truly live a life of freedom.

Jenn was called to create this journal after experiencing one of the most devastating losses she had ever endured. This journal came about as she was learning how to work through the
unimaginable grief and heartbreak in the following days, weeks, and months.

This journal is what she wished she had had by her side in order to process the emotions and thoughts racing through her mind—so that she could start taking steps forward
to heal.

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Finding Gratitude Through Grief Journal is a tool to understand your feelings and emotions after a significant death or loss.


Why write in a grief journal?


Writing in a grief journal gives you a safe space to express and explore your emotions and experiences. The act of writing can provide clarity and insight into your thoughts and feelings, which can ultimately help you heal. Plus, it allows you to share your journey with others if you choose. 

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Join a Community that offers guidance, understanding, and support.


This group is dedicated to providing support and encouragement to those who are experiencing sadness and grief. It acknowledges that everyone processes their grief differently and that there is no right or wrong way to cope. Some may find comfort in talking to others, while others may need time alone to process their emotions.

Above all, this group emphasizes the importance of self-care and self-compassion. It encourages individuals to find what works best for them and not to rush themselves to feel better. It acknowledges that grief is a valid and natural response to loss and that it takes time to heal.

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So, Why Gratitude?

During times of grief, it may seem counterintuitive to search for gratitude. But finding things to be thankful for can be incredibly helpful on your journey towards healing. Although it may not feel like it, there are still things to be grateful for even in the midst of immense loss.

Gratitude can help us embrace our grief stages and use them as a catalyst to move forward. It's an effective way to bring joy back into our lives after experiencing heartbreak and sadness.

Love and Loss

At some point in our lives, we will all experience loss and grief. It can be a significant and stressful event that affects us in different ways. It's essential to understand that navigating through grief is a personal journey, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach.

One of the fundamental ways to cope with loss is to validate your feelings. It's okay to feel sad, angry, or overwhelmed. Give yourself permission to grieve and take all the time you need to process your emotions.

the Stages of Grief

Even though the order and duration of each stage may vary, it's important to recognize that the stages of grief are something we all experience. By understanding these universal stages, we can better navigate and cope with the emotions that accompany grief.

It is important to remember that everyone experiences grief differently and may not experience these stages in the presented order. Understanding these stages can help in navigating the grieving process.

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When we lose someone, the entire landscape of our life changes. We grieve not only the loss but their place in our lives and in our hopes and dreams. Their  absence changes everything about what we see and what the future looks like.

Jane Collier

This is a beautiful journal written to assist us through grief. I lost my beautiful Labrador Retriever earlier this year and it was a complete shock to me. This wonderful journal is helping guide me so that I can process my grief in a different way—to shift from grief to gratefulness. I know this journal will guide me down the path in a positive way.

Jenn Underwood

Grief is not linear, and it affects us all in a multitude of ways.

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Join our community of support! This is a safe space for those who have experienced loss and seek comfort and understanding. Whether you're grieving the loss of a loved one, a pet, or anything else that has significantly impacted your life, you are not alone.